Flu symptoms

Flu develops only after contact with a sick person or a hidden virus. The time from infection to disease manifestations is from 3 to 36 hours. There are the following symptom of influenza:

  1. Intoxication syndrome. There is a sharp rise in body temperature, chills, muscle and appear headaches, severe weakness, inability to perform even light work, loss of appetite.
  2. Ocular symptoms. Usually there is increased lacrimation, photophobia, swelling eyelids.
  3. Catarrhal symptoms. Manifested cough, sore throat and lower parts of the respiratory tract, nasal congestion.

Influenza is primarily manifested symptoms of intoxication. That is initially the temperature rises, and then there are cough and catarrhal symptoms.

Flu VirusSpreading potentially lethal pathogens, influenza virus particles (brown) invade cilia (blue) in the airways of the human lung.

Flu Virus Spreading potentially lethal pathogens, influenza virus particles (brown) invade cilia (blue) in the airways of the human lung.

Treatment of influenza

With the development of influenza main task is to put aside everything and lie down in bed. But here should make a special retreat. If you have a fever then in any case, will not be wrapped in a hundred blankets. This will only increase the body temperature more and worsen their situation.

What you should do? These are:

  1. Try to have as much as possible any liquid. This will help the body get rid of bacterial toxins.
  2. Always ventilate the room. During the illness you are actively excrete influenza virus in the environment and in the tightly closed room will be re-infected by their own viruses.
  3. Lean on fruits, fruit juices and fruit drinks. It is known that help cope with the disease can by striking doses of vitamin C.

In general, despite the lack of appetite, try to eat.

Cultivating Flu Vaccine

Cultivating Flu Vaccine

Medicines for colds and flu

In principle, following the above recommendations, you can survive the flu without medication.

But not always, people can endure all the symptoms of the disease, and the modern pace of life does not allow a person to lie quietly in bed a week or two. Therefore, almost everybody have to turn to remedies.

In the treatment of influenza, the following groups of drugs:

  1. antipyretics
  2. vasoconstrictors
  3. immunostimulants
  4. preparations of human interferons
  5. specific anti-influenza drugs

Flu or acute respiratory disease: fundamental differences

Symptoms of influenza and acute respiratory are certainly similar. These are and runny nose, and cough, and fever. But if on the ARI (acute respiratory infection) many are waving his hand, preferring to drink a handful of pills and go to work, then it trifle with flu is very bad. Treatment of influenza folk remedies can only turn into a tragedy.

Influenza occurs rapidly unlike ARI, for it is characterized by the rapid development of symptoms. When is ARI temperature rarely rises to 39 degrees, with the flu such jump is common. Herewith such a high temperature may persist for several days.

What other symptoms indicate that you have just the flu, rather than the common cold? There are:

  1. The high temperature (above 39 and not passing over three days)
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Chest pain
  4. Disturbance of consciousness and orientation in space.
  5. Frequent vomiting and diarrhea
  6. Severe pain in the face and temples

In the presence of even a few of these symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.

The difference between cold and flu

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